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24 hour Call centre

VIP Charter

A VIP charter rental is the perfect solution for those who value their time and prefer nothing less than the best. The cabin of a private jet allows you to enjoy your flight time.

Plan your route and departure time on your own. We will offer you food from your favourite restaurant during the flight. Champagne, wine and a bar are at your complete disposal.

Emergency Travel Arrangements

In the event of an illness or injury, MedicAssist will make new reservations for airlines, hotels, and other travel services as needed.

Fast Tract Immigration Services

In the case where your passport is in immigration for visa extension, or your medical condition requires a fast track past long immigration lines MedicAssist has the network and experience to assist.

Assist in the Replacement of Lost or Stolen Travel Documents

Travelers can contact MedicAssist for assistance in replacing passports, tickets, and other important travel documents.

Police Report

MedicAssist will accompany you to make police report and do investigation in nearest your place.

Translation Services

In an emergency, MedicAssist can provide immediate translation services in a variety of languages.

Transfer of Funds

In the event you lost your money, MedicAssist will provide an emergency cash advance to the traveler.

VIP Limo and Regular Car Transfer

Need pick up and transfer to the airport for your medical appointment or for family members? MedicAssist can arrange transport to and from the airport.