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What do I need to do if I want a quote for a private evacuation?

Contact MedicAssist either by phone or by email and request a quote for evacuation. MedicAssist will contact you to request information regarding the condition of the patient (with the patients written consent) and the requested destination. MedicAssist medical team will need to liaise with the treating clinic/hospital to determine the best way for the patient to be transferred.

My passport is at Indonesian immigration for my visa extension. Will this delay my evacuation out of the country?

MedicAssist will be able to liaise with the Indonesian immigration to release the passport in an emergency situation.

Why would I engage MedicAssist for an evacuation when I could fly myself out of Indonesia?

In the case where you have an illness, a commercial airline will require a written permission or fitness to fly, from an airline doctor for a patient to board a flight. The crew or captain of a commercial flight can refuse a person who looks unwell or too ill to board a flight. Commercial flight crew are trained in first aid only. In the event that you become unwell during the flight and require medical attention there may be no personal or equipment to manage this incident.

I am in a remote part of Indonesia. Does MedicAssist have agents all over Indonesia?

Yes MedicAssist is an Indonesian assistance company that has offices all over Indonesia and a network of medical service providers all over Indonesia.

I am in Bali and would like a doctor to visit me in my villa can MedicAssist help with this?

Yes contact MedicAssist either by phone or by email and we will arrange an appropriate doctor to visit you.

I am organising a marathon running event. Can MedicAssist provide medical staff, equipment and ambulance for our event?

MedicAssist can provide first aid stations, medical staff and fully equipped ambulance vehicle for your event. MedicAssist will also in developing a medical emergency response plan for your event.