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MedicAssist operates onsite medical clinics in various locations, providing high quality medical services to our clients in remote and harsh environments within Indonesia. Typically, our clinics focus on bridging the gap between our clients’ requirements and the services available locally and would generally include:

  • an emergency service
  • a General Practice Service
  • stabilization facilities for onward medevac
  • road ambulance services
  • pharmacy
  • occupational health services
  • other specialties according to the requirement of the location

Occupational Health

At MedicAssist, we have long experience in providing multi-disciplinary teams at our clients’ remote site clinics to implement various occupational health assessments and policies and procedures.

Our occupational health services range from carrying out tailored client and onsite Fitness for Work assessments, health surveillance policies and sickness absence programs to vetting your staff pre and post-employment. We also offer annual medical and exit medicals as well as health promotion and wellness programs designed specifically for your operations. Services also include sickness absence management and wellness programs, return to work programs and case management.

MedicAssist can conduct all these OH programs on a needs’ basis or provide ongoing, routine support at your onsite clinic. In addition, we carry out vaccination programs and run travel health clinics.
Through our Consulting Service we can also develop occupational health assessments for our clients.

Medical Staff for Facilities

We select our staff carefully for the sites to which they are assigned. Our selection process includes an evidence based clinical skills evaluation for medical staff as well as psychological evaluation for their suitability to work in given environments. We employ doctors, nurses, paramedics and other specialists, drawing staff from various experiences all over Indonesia.

MedicAssist Head Office is is constant contact with our medical staff, supporting them 24/7. We operate robust Clinical Governance programs, which include Patient Care Protocols, procedures for pharmacy control, maintenance of medical records and medical emergency response procedures.

Medical and Safety Standby for Events

If your requirement is a short-term standby for an event we can provide all of the equipment, setup, staff and emergency vehicles required, scaled to the event size. If you are organizing a dance party, a marathon, an ocean swim or a festival MedicAssist can provide a medical back-up that will give organizers peace of mind.

Topside Support

Originally set up to support our own clinics and medics, our Topside Support is now also available as a standalone telemedicine service. This service is ideal for clients who employ their own medical staff but do not have the facility to provide them with support on a 24/7 basis.

Clinicians specialized in emergency medicine staff the service, complemented by consultants. Together, they are available on a 24/7 basis to provide telemedicine advice to client medics at remote onsite clinics. It gives medical staff on site the convenience and peace of mind of having an immediate, round-the-clock link to senior medical specialists and consultants back at base.

Medics feel supported by having instant access to senior consultants. Our clients also have a more efficient way of having staff treated competently on site. With the service, our clients’ onsite medics are able to make well informed decisions on the requirements for medical evacuations.

Our Topside Support team can also connect to the remote sites to view patient information in real time using telemedicine applications. This enables them to view and interpret patient information directly, giving more accurate diagnosis, better decisions and hence improved patient outcomes.

Supply Chain

Consistent supply chain is just one of the challenges facing remote medical facilities. MedicAssist has the local knowledge to establish and manage an efficient and safe medical supply chain.

Medical Equipment

Purchasing medical equipment that is appropriate, safe and comes with a maintenance guarantee can be difficult. MedicAssist has well established local connections and expertise to source and assist in the purchase of quality medical equipment.


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